Routing error?

I hope this will be an easy question…

I’m trying to migrate from Rails 1.2 to 2.1, and I must admit, the
routing is somewhat confusing me.

When I update a form, I’m getting a routing error. (“No route matches
{id}”) It’s because the update statement is getting assembled
incorrectly somehow and the action is getting set to the id instead of
“update”! I don’t understand how this is happening. Does it have to
do with routing?

Here’s my development.log showing what I’m talking about.

Parameters: {“commit”=>“Save”,
“adminbillingrate”=>{“rate”=>“30”, “employeetype_codeid”=>“119”},

Any help would be appreciated as always!!

I figured it out. I was using form_tag :action => ‘update’ instead of
form_for and that was causing the update statement to be incorrectly

Thanks anyway!!

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