Routing error


   I have set up an application using scaffolding, which have all

basic method(index/new/edit/show/…). But when I tried to add a new
method it showing routing errors.

class ItemsController < ApplicationController
def index
def new

def list
(New method which I have created)



Error what I am getting is that,

Couldn't find Item with ID=list

How can I configure my routes.rb to avoid the issue.

Waiting for ur reply...

Try this:

map.with_options :controller=>‘ItemsController’ do | ItemsController
| “/new”, :action => ‘new’
ItemsController. list “/list”, :action => ‘list’

On Feb 19, 7:49 pm, Sony S. [email protected]

which version of rails r u using ?

Hi Sony - Have you specified the route in your routes.rb file?

Try adding

map.resources :items, :member => {:list => :get}


map.resources :items, :collection => {:list => :get} if this action is
not for one specific object at a time.

this will give you list_item_path(@item) or list_items_path

That might help with the routing issue.

Here’s a great tutorial on routes:

On Feb 20, 3:49 am, Sony S. [email protected]