Routing error for application


I am to learning Ruby on Rails with Rolling with Ruby on Rails
orilley handout.

I created an empty application by using rails command.

Then i created my own controller using the command.

ruby script \generate controller MyTest
This created a new controller file.

I used the port after starting the rails
inbuilt server.

but i get the Routing Error.

No route matches “/My_Test/index” with {:method=>:get}

but when i just give the port alone it says Ruby on rails running in
your system.

I just followed the tutorial but couldnt get through this step.

Can anybody help me with this


Go into your “public” directory (in your project) and rename the
index.html to something else

Open config/routes and near the top add
“map.resources :my_tests”

Kill the process (control + c) and restart with script/server

That should do it