Routing: controllers 'user' and 'user/blogs' not possible?


I have been searching for discussions on this issue to see whether this
is a bug or feature in Rails’ routing mechanism. Say I have a
UserController corresponding to URL pattern /user, and now I want to
have a separate controller under user called blogs, using the controller
module feature, User::BlogsController, corresponding to URL pattern
/user/blogs. Such design looks intuitive but it looks like in Rails
1.1.4, this is still not possible. In routes.rb, this would look like

map.connect ‘user/blogs’, :controller => ‘user/blogs’
map.connect ‘user’, :controller => ‘user’

Typing http://localhost:3000/user/blogs results in look-up for ‘blogs’
controller instead.

Has anyone looked into this before and known whether this behavior is a
bug or limitation?


From some controller module discussions, it looks like this issue may
also be related to the problem of having a model called User while using
a controller module User with BlogsController under it (?). Getting