Routing / Controller / Model = Blog function


I’m fairly new to coding the rails stuff - I’m however a webdesigner and
I feel that I need to learn how to break rails apart once and for all.

So I’ve spent roughly 3 hours on trying to do this on my own but with no

My information:

Rails -v = 3.0.0
Ruby -v = 1.8.7
Gem -v = 1.3.7
haml -v = 3.0.25
postgresql 9.0

My goal:

Make some kind of blog-function so I fill in a text_area in a form and
when I hit the submit button I want the server to create a file in let’s
say public/comments. So here comes an example so you will get me 100%.

Me as an administrator makes a post through code. I use javascript to
count the amount of post classes so I know what ID to give the next
comment for the new file name. and then I make the form where the
text_area is at and where the submit button is. so the first post which
I wrote with code will have something looking like this:

2011_03 being the ID of the article and the 1 being the ID of the

then when someone comments through the form the 2011_03_1.js file is
being made in public/comments so the link only works untill someone has
made a post - if not it includes a file that does not exist.

however. in this new file it should say something like this:


’); //Div to count
the messages so JS knows what the next ID is

USER says:

’); //user ID
document.write(‘Oh man this blog is epic! wooah!’); //random
comment text
document.write(’’) //link to the ID #2

and then it goes on - chained. the downside by using this method is that
if you need to delete one at the early places then you need to modify
everything behind it because of how this system works - but I’m fine
with that.

so the only thing I want to know now is someone pointing me in to the
right direction for this method: you fill in a text_form and on the
serverside a file is being made which is being filled with information
such as the above. I’ve been googling quite a bit about routing and I
did not really understand it. same thing with the controller and the
model… I didn’t… quite get it… I did my best at understanding it but
I only got mumbo jumbo. So once again - I’m deeply grateful if anyone
can point me to either the right direction or to some code with
information on it(without works too) so I can for once finally learn!

and I am not sure if I was supposed to do a ‘rake db/migrate’ once I was
done with the controller / model / routing files… I know squat hmm

Thanks in advance

(in routes.rb)

map.connect ‘A’, :controller => ‘B’, :action => ‘C’

I am not the king of the djungle - but I did find this information on
the web and I suppose that I make a function in controller called “B”
and then on page A where the form is I have “action=‘C’” so they are
connected - but this is just pure speculations because I have no idea
what so ever. this is pure guesses - can anyone please tell me if I’m
correct or anything at all?

On Apr 7, 6:25pm, Harry S. [email protected] wrote:

That means that a http request to http://yourserver/A should be routed
to the action called C (ie a method called C) in the controller called
Your form action would be /A (since form actions are urls or paths.

There are some intricacies in routing, but in a nutshell it is the
process of decided which controller should handle an incoming web

I have to say that the approach you’ve got seems a little far fetched

  • Why display the comments one by one in this fashion rather than have
    them all on page to begin with?
    You might want to take a look at the getting started guide at - it covers created
    a basic blog post & comments app



it is not really displayed one by one it’s all displayed on one page
linked together through javascript.

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