Routing and default module

I would like to route all requests with the path
“foo/:controller/:action” to a modulized controller like
‘bar/#{controller}’. So “foo/bro/index” goes to Bar::BroController,
“foo/baz/index” goes to Bar::BazController, etc.

I’m stumped as to how to write a one-line route for this. What I want to
do is something like

map.connect ‘foo/:controller/:action’, :controller =>

but that doesn’t pass muster.

Any ideas?




Why not just define it as /bar/ in the first place?

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Ryan B.
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Ryan B. wrote:

Why not just define it as /bar/ in the first place?

Because I want to use routing to map a URL semantic only my controller
structure. That’s what routing does. I just can’t figure out a DRY way
to do it in this instance.

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