I’ve just updated to Rails 2 and have rebuilt on of my apps, but I’m
having a headache with the paths. Please can someone explain to me what
I need to do.

The path is simple:


which worked before, but now throws a 404 error.

In my routes.rb file I have:

map.connect “”, :controller=>“g_pub”, :action=>“index”,

for some reason it’s splitting up the path incorrectly. If I look at the
SQL that gets generated I see:‘en’ AND g_blocks.location = ‘/home/’ AND

whereas what I really need is:‘home’ AND g_blocks.location = ‘/’ AND

In other words, I need the following values:

g_blocks.location --> / --> home
g_blocks.g_language_id --> en

but what I’m getting at the moment is:

g_blocks.location --> /home/ --> en
g_blocks.g_language_id --> NULL

Can anyone see what I need to do? Many thanks.

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