Routes and Forms

Hello G.s,

I am totally new to rails so sorry if I ask some silly questions, I am
also totally confused which is likely self inflicted!

So I am learning rails and rjs - I have two models


So Manufacturers would contain things like Ford, Aston Martin
and Models would contain the cars like

Ford -> Focus, Escort
Ferrari => DB7, DB6, DB5

So I have the simple rails framework working, so firstly a index of
‘Manufacturers’ would show all the Manufacturer’s, you could then click
a Manufacturer and it would display all the models for that
Manufacturer, and then you can click a Model and you can ‘edit’ that

But what I want is to have them all on one page - so what I want is the
index page has a select, once you select a manufacturer it grabs all the
models and now displays them in a ‘select’ - you then chose a model and
it then loads the ‘edit’ page.

Now what I have done so far is in my index.erb

Listing Manufacturer

<% form_remote_for "manufacturer", :html => {:id => 'form1', :name => 'form1'} do |f| %>
Please select Manufacturer <%= collection_select(:manufacturer, :id, @manufacturer, :id, :manufacturer, {:include_blank => ''}, {:onchange => "document.form1.onsubmit()"}) %>
<% end %>

And my show.rjs

will do something like

page.replace_html :show_models, :partial => ‘show’, :object =>

Now I tried to do something similar to the index.erb for each ‘model’

Please select Model <%= collection_select(:model, :id, @manufacturers.models, :id, :title, {:include_blank => ''}, {:onchange => "document.form1.onsubmit()"}) %>

But of course this submits the form to the same controller/action for
the manufacturers not the models controller… Anyone got any advice on
how to do this sort of thing?

Much Appreciated


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