Routes and caching

Hi there,

I have the following route in my routes file:

- all film sub-pages (defaulting to index.html)

map.connect ‘films/:film_title/:page’,
:controller => ‘films’,
:action => ‘show’,
:page => ‘index.html’

which will pick up URLs like this:
defaulting to index.html when no :page is specified.

I know this route is being picked up and rendered properly, but when I
try and cache it I can’t get it to save the /films/filmname/ as
/films/filmname/index.html, instead I always get /films/filmname.html.
On top of this, although filmname.html file is cached, it still gets
rendered and recached on every request(other pages all work fine).

Does anyone know how I can somehow bind /film/filmname/ to
This is in rails 1.0

many thanks


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