Routes à la Basecamp

New signup here, everybody hello!

I want to set routes for my application that act like

When you log into Basecamp and select a project, you are in
/projects/12345/msg, for example.

If you want to read a message, you are taken to a url like

What I want to do is the same: the main controller of my app is

After selecting a category I would be taken to
/categories/:category_id/:controller. Then a regular Rails routing could
be used to manage blogs, with

Also, if no action is provided, the route should look like
/categories/:category_id/:controller/:id and the default action be

I’ve try to implement this in my routes but no matter how I do it,
there’s always something not acting like it should :frowning: I though it could
be simpler.

Here’s what I came with, and the description of my last bug:

Please help me trace my routes :slight_smile: Thank you

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