Route plotter for the London Underground network


I have a facility which uses css and ajax to perform live plotting of
routes between two London underground stations. The css plots are
overlayed over a London Underground map, with each station as a hotspot.
The underlying platform is Ruby on Rails.

I have incorporated certain Web 2.0 features like votes for the best
routes, station name autocomplete, context sensitive points of interest
along the selected routes etc.

The URL is As usual, let me know
if you have any feedback by either using the provided MessageBoard, or
send me an email.


Yeah thats cool david!

got any suggestions on good books to learn ajax? has got some cool suggestions :slight_smile:

My favourite is Pragmatic Ajax, but I am afraid you will have to choose
your own favourite title. I have not seen a book that covers every trick
for something as complex as Ajax yet.