Route help using accounts but not with subdomain


Hi all,

I’ve just started trying to figure out rails routes
and am having some difficulty.

I want to have the directory structure start with the
/:account_name/ instead of using the subdomain with
the exception of account/create and account/list

I tried:

map.connect ‘account/create’, :controller =>
‘account’, :action => ‘create’
map.connect ‘account/list’, :controller => ‘account’,
:action => ‘create’
map.connect ‘:account_name/:action’, :controller =>

and in the account_controller I have a function

before_filter find_account, :except => [:create,

I seem to always get into the account/list and can
never get into the account/create.

Any ideas for the proper routes to get this to work?
(hopefully this made sense…)



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