Route display question


I am passing some extra parameters when using link_to however I don’t
want them to be displayed in the url.
For example for the following:
<%= link_to ‘Add to library’, :controller => ‘member’, :action =>
‘add_to_library’, :id => ,:member => current_member, :where =>
‘study menu’ %>
the url will be :

I am wondering how can I only show this:

I looked at the routing chapter in the Agile web development book but
got a bit confused . Should I do this in the config/Routes.rb? If so,

Any help is greatly appreciated.


this should be done with a POST request (within a form, with e.g.
form_for), you cannot hide params with a GET request + current_member
would be i guess in a session, so you don’t need to pass it as params
in your url.