Rote - Textual templating for website and docs


I’d like to take a moment to introduce Rote, a static page rendering and
layout tool for Ruby, that simply provides an easy-to-use templating
solution for your static website, software documentation, blog, or
Rote provides a convenient commandline build for your page-based
and can be integrated directly into your own Rake builds for mixed
and documentation sets.

  • Simple set-up based on page templates and sections.
  • ERB, Textile, and Markdown supported out of the box (RedCloth).
  • Multiple configurable layouts apply boilerplate to your pages.
  • â??Scopedâ?? Ruby code support allows fine-grained control of data
    available across all documentation, a subset, or individual pages.
  • Can be used standalone (from the command-line) or from within Rake
    as a
    custom task library.
  • Supports any (text-based) format, while providing utilities and
    for common formats (HTML at present).

I’ve been working on Rote for a little while, and have just gotten to a
point where I think a 0.1.0 release is justified. I’m especially
in any ideas for features or enhancements that would be useful.

So now theres no excuse for skipping out on the documentation :wink: - come
over and check it out at .

Thanks for your time!

(P.s. I’m still a relative Nuby, so I’d really appreciate any pointers
suggestions on what I’m doing wrong and how I might fix it. :))