Rote - feedback request


Rote ( is looking for brutally honest people
who have looked at, or maybe even are using Rote, to give feedback about
their experiences with Rote, the things they like/don’t like about it,
share any ideas they may have for enhancements. Rote’s development so
has happened very quickly thanks to contributions from the community,
and we still have a lot of ideas on the table for implementation over
next few months.

Over Christmas I stepped back from development to get some time really
using some of the new features we put in, and let several ideas
for a while. While I now have a better idea of where Rote could go, I
think that now is an ideal time to get as many ideas from outside the
project as possible.

My feeling right now is that Rote is pretty much feature complete, with
only additional macros and filters, plus a few small enhancements to the
API (for instance to allow many ActionView helpers to be used in static
templates) left for 1.0. Generally I think that ‘less is more’ in this
regard - do others agree that Rote should stay simple and flexible?