Rote 0.3.4 out now!

Rote 0.3.4 is now available on Rubyforge (
Rote is a Rake-based textual templating / documentation system.

This release (the first in about nine months) mainly applies community
patches and implements feature requests, fixing a few bugs and adding a
couple of new bits. Specifically:

  • Fixed bug in Rake integration (Thanks to Jonathan Paisley)
  • Fixed a missing require in rdoc filter
  • Fixed a ton of warnings out of test_filters
  • Fixed a bug with new caching setup / task invocation (Thanks again to
    Jonathan Paisley)
  • Added RedCloth_WithToc (Thanks to Suraj K.)
  • Added RCov Task
  • Implemented per-extension output directories (Suggested by Andrea

This is a recommended upgrade for Rote 0.3x users.