Rote 0.3.0 (doc/web)


Rote 0.3.0 is now available for download from
This is a big step for Rote, and incorporates many new features along
many improvements and fixes to existing functionality.

New features such as page filters, Ruby syntax highlighting (surprise
surprise :wink: and integration with HTML Tidy, along with more flexible
configuration when the defaults won’t do and improved resource / page
dependency handling make this version of Rote a more capable package
ever before.

Rote is a Ruby-based templating / documentation builder based on Rake
lets you fully integrate your documentation build with your Rake tasks,
and supports ERB rendering, plaintext formatting, arbitrary filtering,
layout. Although very flexible, Rote favours convention and has no
‘configuration’ beyond the Rake task definition and Ruby code applied to

This upgrade introduces some incompatibilities with Rote 0.2.x builds
(only small changes needed).

Please note a small error has been found in the template project
distributed with Rote. After creating a project you will need to remove
the ‘format_opts << …’ line from doc/pages/index.rb. That’ll teach me
make releases late at night…


(Straight to the fix: )

On Mon, 12 Dec 2005 13:26:13 -0000, I innocently wrote:

Please note a small error has been found in the template project
distributed with Rote…

How innocuous it seemed at first :frowning:


In response to a number of late-breaking issues with the recent Rote
release, a maintainence release is now available from Rubyforge FRS and
Gems, numbered version This release fixes the following
issues with 0.3.0:

* Template project / builtin rakefile inoperable
* Common code inhertance malfunction
* Base macro filter was an old version
* Formatting unit test was an old version

These issues were at the root of many problems with 0.3.0, which may
been masked if you migrated with a custom Rakefile. This mistake was
allowed to happen due to a build-machine misconfiguration which caused a
prior development version of Rote to be tested and packaged. I’d like to
apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

All Rote 0.3.0 users should upgrade, even if their installation has not
exhibited the aforementioned issues.


So, anyone who did download 0.3.0 and found it broken, I’m sorry for
I hope you’ll give it another chance :slight_smile:

One more (quick) thing - I want to put out a direct plea for some
feedback. I’ve had some great contributions with Rote and we’ve put a
in, but we’re at the point now where we could go several ways. Rather
just randomly picking features (;)) to put on the todo list, I’d really
love to hear some feedback on what people want from a Rake-based
doc system. I have set up a user mailing list now at