RoR with cpanel


i am having trouble trying to set up a RoR site using cpanel. The main
thing that i do not understand is that when i create the site using
cpnael RoR utility it saids that after that i have to populate it with
my code, so for example if a created with cpanel a RoR site called
“test” then i have in my root something like public_html/test and in
test folder all the RoR directory structure. So i Delete all that
dircetory structure inside test directory and upload the into it the
directory structure of the site that i already created in my local PC.
After that i hit run button in cpnael i can navigate to the public/
index of my RoR site, but when i try to call some controller/view in
just trought me an error telling that something go wrong.

Any idea?

Do i have to configure something special in my RoR app for run in in
my server?


PD: In the server is already installed redmine and it works fine, so
the problem is something with my app :frowning:

just trought me an error telling that something go wrong.

Any idea?

Check the error logs, perhaps.
One thing to check and make sure is that you don’t actually overwrite
the files in the public directory–they might be necessary to leave the
same. Also permissions is another big one.

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