ROR Training For Beginners @ Bangalore

Hi Everyone,

I and my team are a group of RAILS enthusiasts working in Sumeru
Software Solutions. We think one of the greatest strength of rails is
its community. Over a period of time we have crystallized ideas to
give back to the community by providing training to “beginners”.

WHY this Training?

DRY: My learning curve was not very smooth. There were many concepts
which I learned through experience, that were not mentioned in books
or blogs. This could surely have been smoother if someone had guided
me (no doubt RAILS is fun to explore. But when you are on a project,
time is money). Going by the principle of “DRY”, it will be good for
you not to repeat the same mistakes.

Nailing them down: Over the years, RAILS documentation has improved
immensely. So the pain of learning Rails has definitely reduced a lot.
Still getting together and learning from experts has many benefits –
You get a perspective that is simpler and practical, it nails down the
concepts right to the point, learning is faster and definitely it is

This one is for beginners: There are many blogs and conferences which
target the experts, but there are very few for beginners.

WHO should attend?

ROR beginners who want to accelerate their learning.

You should attend this if

  1.  You are passionate about ROR.
  2.  You are a beginner to ROR.
  3.  You want to clear your fundamentals.
  4.  You do not know what is happening behind the scenes.
  5.  You think there is some missing link.

You may NOT want to attend this if

  1.  You do not know anything about ROR and want to learn from

2. You are looking for an advanced level training.
3. You are an expert.

Date, Time, duration, place, Fees

Dates and Timings: Not finalized yet. It will be on weekends.
Duration: About 4 days spread over a month.
Place: Bangalore, will decide the exact location.
Fees: As much as possible we will try to keep it free. If needed we
may need to share the costs involved for the infrastructure etc, which
should be minimal.

If you are interested, reply to this message with your Name and fill
this form (
formkey=dHM4cnFvTG5DQXJzSWZhaTUwaV95WWc6MQ). I will get back to you
with further details about the training.


Correct link for registration is