RoR Sphinx-search (on Windows Xp) Guidance Request

Hui all, i am trying to implement sphinx search (on Windows Xp)
engine in my app. nut it fails in the several point i don’t know the
actual procedure .

Can anyone help me on this to implement sphinx-search (on Windows
Xp). or any good tutorails you please inform me
thanks in advance.

Hi Ashu,

configuring and using the different full text search engines (ferret,
shinx, xapian, solr…) on windows is a real pain…
if need it on your win XP only for development purpose, you should
consider switching to a linux development platform,
or you can use our virtual development environment for Ruby on Rails,
“VirtualRails” : it is delivered with sphinx up and running out of the

more informations here :

hope it will help

Jérôme Fillioux
VirtualRails Team