RoR social software and content management system

Hey we are excited about this, and I wanted to share.

Milpitas, California- 29 December 2005 â?? Pandora Squared today announced
the release of P2 Genesis Engine® 2.2. The P2 Genesis Engine is a Ruby
on Rails/AJAX Social Software and Content Management System.

P2 Genesis Engine enables business to embrace social software and Web
2.0 philosophies and tools. P2 Genesis Engine has a core, which supports
pluggable modules that enable additional functionality.
The modules available for P2 Genesis Engine provide a wide assortment of
features including:

* FOAF (Friend of a Friend networks),
* blogs,
* forums,
* email, IM,
* Picture uploading,
* Workflow and document sharing,
* Flickr integration,
* integration,
* e-commerce module and workflow,
* mailing list management.