RoR REST HTTP PUT: XML payload option?

I’m attempting to create a RESTful Web service using 1.2.2. I would
like to be able to update a model via an XML payload PUT to the
controller, but the scaffold_resource PUT handler
(MyController#update) seems to only work with values of the form
“modelname[columname]=value”. If I supply anything else – such as the
same XML that the scaffolded GET returns – it gets ignored by the

I’m guessing that I need to roll my own #update, which is fine. How
can I get my hands on the raw data sent over by the PUT invocation? Or
is there a better way of accomplishing this?


Mark Murphy
[email protected]

I figured it out by poking through the ActiveController::Base source.

To make this work, you have to specify “Content-type: application/xml”
in the HTTP PUT request. This triggers logic set up by default in the
ActionController::Base.param_parsers hash to parse the XML and put it
in the params hash for the REST controller to use.


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