RoR produciton deployment on centOS 5 (64 bit)

I am in the process of ordering a machine at to host my
RoR app. The recommended version of Linux seems to be centOS 5 (64 bit).
Does anyone have any experience with deployment RoR + app + lighttpd on
this platform?

many thanks.

CentOS is what we use. The biggest setup we’ve officially deployed
(not publicly, but internally) on is about 7 machines so far. We run
several RoR apps working as an SOA setup on that, with Mongrel
cluster, MySQL (master-master), etc. We don’t use lighttpd. We do
use Pound currently as a load balancer, but are in the process of
switching that (our production boxes use F5’s, although that load
balances across about 60 machines). I believe we’ll be going to Nginx
(with Swiftiply) shortly, if that will meet all our needs. HAProxy
would be the other choice, or may be used with that.

CentOS is basically just Red Hat Enterprise with all the logos and
such swapped out (that’s obviously dramatically simplifying, but
that’s how I think about it anyway).

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