ROR : Need help to finish a website related to Starcraft 2


I am sorry if its not the place but today im pretty desperate. During
the past six month, I have been working on a Starcraft 2 event and we
finally managed to get everyone on board (sponsors, players, casters,

The competition will start on january but it happens that our website
which is in beta and has been done in ROR is not 100% functionnal
(simply because the man that did it has not as much time as he would

So today i am looking for people interested in taking part in this
project. I dont think its that much difficult of a task for people
with knowledge in ROR and the interesting fact for developers is this
website should encounter a fair success. (you will see your creation
alive and used by many gamers!)

I took the liberty to post this message here because its pretty hard
to find people with knowledge in ROR. Anyway, thanks for your time and
i would gladly answer your every question if you have some.


On Oct 31, 1:29pm, BorisR [email protected] wrote:


So where exactly is the site at - is it doing all that it is supposed
to do but somethings don’t quite work, is it nearly feature complete,
are there large chunks still missing ?
I think the more information you can give on the current state of the
project, the better (if it’s an option putting the code on github for
everyone to see might be an idea too)


I’m RoR freelancer. Contact me to my email or skype so you can tell me
what do you need and where is the source code and the website.