RoR & MySQL [& LDAP]


I’m trying to create an application using RoR that shows only some
records of my database (MySQL) depending on a group (this is done
using LDAP directories).

For example, I have a school and there are 2 departments: Finance and
Administrative Staff. All of them can see the name of the students,
their contact details, etc. Administrative Staff are not interested on
Financial issues, therefore I don’t want to show if they have or have
not paid school fees. Any person on the staff has an account and some
privileges and they can check the information in any available
computer on the school.

Does anyone have a clue if this can be done and how? If this can’t be
done, is there a way to go around to assign roles in MySQL?

I’ll really appreciate any help.




I would suggest looking at UserEngine -
user_engine with extends LoginEngin -
login_engine User engine allows you to assign roles to users/groups.

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computer on the school.

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