RoR Hell. Agile Web Development book example problems

I’ve tried this with putting the app/ of the example over mine and tried
running the whole thing but still no luck.

Im using Locomotive 2.0.8

Please someone help :slight_smile:

It seems that @cart.items is returning floats, not items. Maybe check
out your cart model.

On Oct 23, 12:22 am, Zach I. [email protected]

Nothing jumps out at me as being wrong?

I know it doesn’t mind @item but when I pass it as a set of items, it
doesn’t like it.

Line 9 of line_item.rb

In Ruby, a function returns the value of the last line. The for_product
function is returning the product.price, instead of the item.

You want to add a line to return the item itself:

def self.for_product(product)
item =
item.quantity = 1
item.product = product
item.unit_price = product.price

Brilliant. That’s defiantely helped. I’m now getting…
undefined local variable or method `product’

So how should I pass the product across from the model to my controller?

Getting error at:
6: product.item_product