RoR for surveys? (was Google: Evil or Not?)


I agree. Cool.

One of the things that recently got me off my butt and started working
with RoR is a need to do an on-line survey. What does it take to
produce something like this? Is / are there
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Cool site. Nice work.

Michael T.

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“Google: Evil or Not?” is my first Rails webapp and I’ve just made
public at

Do you still believe the "Do no evil" Google mantra? Do you think
Google Book Search, the AOL deal, and Larry and Sergey's 767 point 

Google losing it’s pristine morality and turning over to the dark

Now you can discover what the world thinks and contribute your own
opinion. Head over to Google: Evil or Not? and vote with your mouse.
Every day, the site presents you with a selection of relevant news
snippets and, for each one of them, you can select the level of
Google evilness, or lack thereof, that is suggested by it. Let the
collective wisdom of the Web decide whether Google is evil or not!


P.S.: Thanks to the folks at Planet Argon for helping me set it up.

Ugo C.
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