RoR consultant required in UK


I am at the initial stages at looking for costs for some RoR on-site
consultancy \ training and knowledge transfer

We are a small (4) developer section of a logistics company and I am
currently looking for the best language \ platform to redevelop our 40+
man-year, VB6 application into a state of the art browser based

The current app has 1200+ stored procedures, 130+ tables and >500k lines
of code in one 10mb exe used by 100+ concurrent users over Citrix and
terminal server.

We need to redevelop the whole thing into a (multi) platform, scalable,
n-tier, OO, database agnostic, browser solution.

Can you help ?

If so, please can you give me some ideas as to your rates and methods of

Initially I would like to meet with you to discuss what we are trying to
do and then agree to a 1 week prototype development and a little
training that would take place on site here in Milton Keynes.

I would envisage the final contract would be no longer than 8 weeks in
the first instance, as if we did not get the hang of it by then, I donĂ¢??t
think we ever would.

Please respond here or via email to bob.pardoe at