RoR CentOS 5 & Mongrel / Apache?

Dear All,

I have just installed CentOS 5 on a desktop to use it as a server for
my first RoR application. I am slightly confused about which method is
the best to serve the RoR content though. Is it RoR, Mongrel, and

If so, could someone point me to a guide to installing this
configuration, or briefly outline it? That would be fantastically

Many thanks,


I’ve inherited a CentOS box with Apache running RoR, and I’ve been all
right with it. I wish I had my admin notes, but I did do a lot of
updating on everything to make sure I was up to snuff. It was all
just standard updates on Apache, Rails, Ruby, and their ilk.

Looking back, I would have gone straight Mongrel just for simplicity’s
sake. The server will never have heavy traffic and all the Apache
config definitely seemed like overkill to me. The word I keep hearing
is that a cluster of Mongrel servers run through Apache for the static
content is the fastest way to configure things. I don’t know if
that’s becoming true because it’s repeated so often or if that’s
really the way it is. As it stands, those concerns don’t come near
anything I’m working on today.

Just my 2 cents.


Thanks David!

I am planning to have 20,000 users on this website, but will be
building a much larger website soon, so would really like to work out
the absolutely most efficient way of serving rails on CentOS 5. Is
there somewhere I can go to read about it, maybe about Mongrel
Clusters and Apache on CentOS? I am finding it quite hard to find out
info on this - there are quite a few ‘guides’ to installing rails on
servers online, but they are all really bitty and I haven’t found a
useful one yet?



Yes, CentOS is RHEL without the Red Hat branding.

The benefit of buying RHEL is in the support that they give you, the
Red Hat graphics, and contributing to the development of future
versions of RHEL - without which CentOS won’t exist! :slight_smile:

If you install it, could you tell me how you configure Rails /
Mongrel / Apache?



As far as i know, isn’t CentOS basically the same thing as Redhat
enterprise linux?

I am pretty sure it is, as I had previously purchased a RHEL license,
and found that the updates for the RPM’s and such are cross compatible
with CentOS, along with the kernel and such.

Just picked up a new server and going to be putting CentOS on it as
well as I haven’t found any “real” benefit to have made the purchase
for RHEL.


On 5/25/07, tominglis [email protected] wrote:

useful one yet?

just standard updates on Apache, Rails, Ruby, and their ilk.
Just my 2 cents.


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On 5/25/07, tominglis [email protected] wrote:

If you install it, could you tell me how you configure Rails /
Mongrel / Apache?

I’m selling my own warez here, but if you are on CentOS / RHEL, check
this out:

Alex Verkhovsky