RoR and pop-ups

hi everyone,

Can some one please help me with a pop-up issue in RoR. I have link_to
in my page that calls a pop-up (<%= link_to “test”, { :action => “test”
}, :popup => [‘test_name’, ‘height=200,width=400’]%> ), and in the
pop-up, i have two select boxes. For one of them i have an observe_field
that populates the second select box based on first one’s selection.

My problem is that the action in the observe_field is never fired; i
tried including the controller’s name and still no result (when called
from the pop-up never works, however it works fine if i use the same
code in my main page); i tried puting the two select boxes on my “main”
page and the code works fine.

Thank you for your help.