RoR Active Record question


Hiya RoR gurus,

I work at a .NET shop, but I enjoy learning Ruby. So, I wanna
prototype some of our company’s screens using Rails (and hopefullly
AJAX). One thing I’m not sure about, since I’m a noob, is whether
ActiveRecord will get along with our database…

So I have two questions:

  • Can I have ActiveRecord get along with our PascalCase naming

  • We ALWAYS have two fields as our primary key: Id and EffectiveYear,
    which is an integer containing a year and a version, ie 200600000,
    200600001, … This is a strict requirement, so can I get
    ActiveRecord to do this (easily)?

Thanks in advance,

zachary DOT zolton AT gmail DOT com

Please email me if anyone answers this!!


You’d have more luck asking this question on the Rails mailing list: