Rope Gem

I’ve noticed there is no Rope implementation available via RubyGems
even though there is a project on RubyForge (
group_id=4749) by Eric Ivancich and a Ruby Q. (http://
Ruby Quiz - Twisting a Rope (#137)) with a fairly extensive solution by
Eric M…

For awhile now I’ve thought about doing a best-case analysis of the
two to come up with a new library and packaging it up into a gem, but
I really don’t have the time for it. So I thought I could at least
throw it out there as a potential project. Maybe someone else would
like to sharpen their Ruby skills on this bone. It a nice size project
too, b/c it’s not huge, but it’s not exactly trivial either.

Better links:

Ruby Quiz - Twisting a Rope (#137)