Ron 0.1.2 Released

Ron version 0.1.2 has been released!

Well, who needed another serialization format? Not me, but that’s
what I’ve made. Ruby Object Notation (Ron) is a textual format for
the representation of Ruby data structures. It’s somewhat like
YAML, XML, or (most of all) JSON. However, since it is defined
entirely within and as a subset of Ruby, it has the slick
property that Ron expressions are legal Ruby. Thus it is very
like JSON, except that it’s Ruby-centered instead of being

Another way to look at Ron is as a purely declarative language
for creating (almost) any type of Ruby data structure.

Use this command to install the gem:
gem install Ron
or download the tarball from rubyforge:


0.1.2 / 21dec2009

  • 5 Major Bugfixes:

    • preserve modules an object was extended by
      • (but not Recursive, which is an artifact of using ron)
    • single quote and backslash now handled right in String
    • all significant digits now preserved in Float (really)
    • many small improvements to object graph copying (see below)
    • ported to MRI 1.9
  • 2 Minor Bugfixes:

    • preserve classes of descendants Regexp, Range, Array and Hash
    • many changes to tests to improve coverage and correctness
      • also, tests now work around bugs in yaml
  • 1 Minor Enhancement:

    • reworked build/gem scripts
  • Improvements to object graph copying:

    • depth-first copying is now available
    • call may pass in a hash of objects to replace
    • replacements when parent is nil or false are now an error
    • protect against changes to hash, set, or array during traversal
    • avoid inf-loop if replacing item with many items
    • now possible to replace an object with another that contains the
    • in depth_graphcopy, delay all changes til right before the end

On 1/3/2010 11:27 PM, Caleb C. wrote:

Ron version 0.1.2 has been released!

Hi, Caleb,

The use of Class#- is very nice and tidy!

Reminds me a bit of amarshal[1], but I’m not sure how the latter handled
instances of class K (as opposed to arrays an so on).



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