Rocket Doc-it 1.0.0

=Rocket Doc-it: Community Commented Rdocs

== What it is

  • *Rocket Dock-it is a simple way for the Ruby community to interact
    Rdocs. Most of the user documentation for Ruby is spread out over many
    different websites. Rocket Docket inspects the file being sent back and
    inserts remote calls in certain places when generated Rdoc code is
    These remote calls can update the html that was put inside of the Rdoc
    with the comments from the community. This system can work off the shelf
    with any Rdoc generated code. You can host a local source of the Rdoc
    or you can use a remote website for the Rdoc soource.

== Requirements

Javascript turned on.

Your own copy:
A database, a local copy of rdocs or a remote url,rails,properly
hpricot ( I can give instructions), SMTP account(for password reset)


First Release!
Accounts works
Forgot password/Set Password
Change email address
Displays Comment link with count for that method

==Get it
I have a running copy pointing at the ruby core rdocs. This is the first
cut. Please let me know about any problems.

User interface:

The code:

== Help/Questions?
Email me . I will work on a help page.

Stephen B. IV
[email protected]

For a while today Rocket Doc-it was lacking the links for comments.
You should see “Add first comment!” or “Comments (#)” under each
method. This has been corrected and I am working to prevent this from
happening again.

Thank you,
Stephen B. IV