RmtObj release

Hi All,

I released ‘RmtObj’ library on my web-site,which address shown below.


‘RmtObj’ is a platform, which enables you to control the ruby object
placed on the web-server. Transferred ruby object will run on the
web-server, but you can control it as if it is on the local machine.

RmtObj is very similar to dRuby, but differ from it mainly following

  • You don’t need to run ruby process on the web-server. RmtObj will run
    in CGI process.
  • One RmtObj server can handle multiple object.
  • RmtObj can’t use block method.

When you use dRuby through the Internet, you need to open the specified
port of the server to the Internet. But, RmtObj only need HTTP or HTTPS
port. So, you may control the ruby object on the web-server through
strict proxy-server.

If you are interested in ‘RmtObj’, please check it out!

Thank you,

Takashi Noma