I am using RMagick to convert some files served up by a rails app from
tiff’s to pdf’s on the fly.

I have Imagemagick installed but was having trouble with some of the
conversions. I tried installing GraphicsMagick and running the
conversions manually and they work fine using GraphicsMagick. (They do
not work properly even manually with ImageMagick.)

I can’t see how I configure RMagick to prefer GraphicsMagic over
ImageMagick. I have been looking at paths for loading “requires” but I
think the problem may be in RMagick.so which is not readable by humans.

Thank you for any advice.


You’ll need to recompile RMagick, setting proper options
to get it to compile against GraphicsMagick instead of

Simplest way might be to rename the ImageMagick library
and attempt RMagick installation.