RMagick throws path errors in Rails but not from the shell (

Hello All,

I’m using FileColumn to store images for a model in my app. I use
to scale uploaded images to different sizes. This much works fine.

I then created a Ruby class for annotating text on the uploaded image. I
tested this class from the shell and it works as expected.

I then created a plugin for this class and hooked it up to the model.
where I start getting the following error:
RMagick: no decode delegate for this image format
/var/tmp/magick-UxU4s8pw'. RMagick: Postscript delegate failed/var/tmp/magick-UxU4s8pw’.

Since the class works fine on its own, I’m sure that all the
for RMagic (for annotating text) are installed correctly. Seems to be a
issue in Rails. Any thoughts?