Rmagick not handling GIF files properly

Tracked down the source of my problem…

It seems that Rmagick isn’t properly cropping/resizing GIF or PNG images
when uploaded via file_column. I can upload JPG files just fine.

Originally I had installed ImageMagick via Debian’s apt-get and built
rmagick gem using “gem install rmagick”. This wasn’t working so I
uninstalled ImageMagick and tried to compile GraphicsMagick by hand,
reinstall the rmagick gem.

This also isn’t working, and it’s driving me nuts. The same code works
perfectly on my OS X dev machine.

Does anyone have pointers to get this working properly? Please help!

have you got the libgif / libpng headers installed?

I think I do - but how do I make sure?

One other thing that might be helpful:

I’m trying to build RMagick from source now, and after running:

./configure --with-graphics-magick

I’m getting this…error over and over again (with different rb scripts)

get_type_metrics': Postscript delegate failed (Magick::ImageMagickError) from /home/seth/src/RMagick-1.13.0/./lib/rvg/misc.rb:317:inrender’
from /home/seth/src/RMagick-1.13.0/./lib/rvg/misc.rb:688:in
text' from /home/seth/src/RMagick-1.13.0/./lib/rvg/text.rb:64:inadd_primitives’
from /home/seth/src/RMagick-1.13.0/./lib/rvg/container.rb:71:in
add_primitives' from /home/seth/src/RMagick-1.13.0/./lib/rvg/container.rb:71:ineach’
from /home/seth/src/RMagick-1.13.0/./lib/rvg/container.rb:71:in
add_primitives' from /home/seth/src/RMagick-1.13.0/./lib/rvg/rvg.rb:262:inadd_outermost_primitives’
from /home/seth/src/RMagick-1.13.0/./lib/rvg/rvg.rb:262:in
each' from /home/seth/src/RMagick-1.13.0/./lib/rvg/rvg.rb:262:inadd_outermost_primitives’
from /home/seth/src/RMagick-1.13.0/./lib/rvg/rvg.rb:235:in
from InitialCoords.rb:22

For anyone who cares, got RMagick installed after installing ghostscript

but when I try to upload an image now I get an Application Error page
nothing in the apache or rails error log.

I’m going nuts here! Has anyone built RMagick on a debian box FROM
SOURCE and have it fully working? Please help!!!