RMagick Image Rendering Problem

RMagick Image Rendering

I am fairly new to Ruby on Rails and I have been trying to upload images
and create thumbnails using the “Processing Uploaded Images” recipe from
the Rails Recipes book. The script uses RMagick to create thumbnails of
the uploaded images and saves both the uploaded images and the
thumbnails in the public/uploaded_images directory. However when I
upload an image, both the image and the thumbnail created do not
resemble the image submitted. They are just scrambled pixels. The image
attached is a thumbnail created by the recipe. Does anybody know how I
can fix this problem? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Your version of Rmagick or Imagemagick are probably dinged. I would
recommend reinstalling with a more recent howto.
For a more helpful answer try adding more detail. What OS, OS version,
Imagemagick version, Rmagick version, etc. are you using?