RMagick and FastCGI on Windows

I’m having trouble getting RMagick to work on my Apache/FastCGI setup.
If I top Apache and start WEBrick on the exact same app/dirs, it works

I installed RMagick following the instructions here:

That gives me:

irb> require ‘RMagick’ # returns true

Running WEBrick, RMagick works fine in my apps. However, this is
<%= require ‘RMagick’ %> # returns false. But it works, so that is

For prod, I am running Apache2 and FastCGI (yes, I got it working.)
RMagick is not working however. The best lead I have is from here:

It says to try this:
FastCgiConfig -maxClassProcesses 1 -maxProcesses 1 -minProcesses 1
-processSlack 1 -initial-env
-initial-env RUBYOPT=rubygems

No luck.

Can anyone give me any ideas to try or help me troubleshoot? I’m not
sure what to try next. Do I need to put RMagick.so someplace special? Do
something else? I’ve tried everything I can think of. Is there some way
I can get more details as to why RMagick is not working? I’m not seeing
any errors in my logs.

Much love to anyone who can help. Thanks!

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