RMagick 1.15.9 for Win32

After about a month in beta and having received no complaints, I’ve
promoted the RMagick 1.15.9 Win32 gem to production status. If you’ve
already installed the beta you DO NOT need to install the production
release. The only differences between the beta and production releases
are a few edits to the README.html file.

Please note that the RubyForge package is called rmagick-win32.

RMagick-1.15.9 for Win32 is the first new release of RMagick for Windows
since last November. Here are the Release Notes:

WIN32-ONLY: The rmagick-win32 gem is for Win32 installations. If you
want to install RMagick on some other O/S, use the plain rmagick gem.

PREREQUISITES: This gem is bundled with a version of ImageMagick that
must be used with this version of RMagick. Do not install a different
version of ImageMagick.

INSTALLATION: This gem may not be installed remotely. Download the zip
file and unzip it into a temporary directory. Then follow the
instructions in the README.html file to install both ImageMagick and

As always, RMagick is available from RubyForge:

RMagick is an interface to the ImageMagick (www.imagemagick.org) and
GraphicsMagick (www.graphicsmagick.org) image processing libraries.
RMagick supports more than 100 image formats, including GIF, JPEG, PNG.
The rmagick-win32 gem includes comprehensive HTML documentation.