RMagick 1.10.1 windows (BETA) binary

Dear Rubyists,

I would like to announce that there is a new binary package of RMagick
for Windows systems. The RMagick release 1.10.1 is available, statically
linked to ImageMagick 6.2.6. This release has been built with Ruby
(mingw32), but will certainly work on the mswin32 builds of Ruby 1.8.4
and most probably also on 1.8.3.

It will NOT work on cygwin builds.

The zipped package can be downloaded from this location:

  • Why Beta ? *

We’re releasing this with a beta label because there will certainly be
some problems surfacing once this is out there. Also because we have
linked with some new libraries (xml2) that should widen the feature
enabled. This means that we have to test this more thoroughly before
called a stable release.

Does it mean you can’t try it out ? No. You even should. And then earn
our forever gratitude by giving us a quick feedback. Be sure to mention
the fact that you are using the beta release in your communication.

Just don’t install this on all your production servers. You might hurt

  • What is this RMagick thing, anyway ? *

What is RMagick? RMagick is a binding from Ruby to the ImageMagick TM
and GraphicsMagick image manipulation libraries. Here’s how the
ImageMagick home page describes ImageMagick: ImageMagickTM is a robust
collection of tools and libraries…to read, write, and manipulate an
image in many image formats (over 87 major formats) including popular
formats like TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PDF, PhotoCD, and GIF. With ImageMagick
you can create images dynamically, making it suitable for Web
applications. You can also resize, rotate, sharpen, color reduce, or add
special effects to an image and save your completed work in the same or
differing image format.

More info on this: http://rmagick.rubyforge.org/

Watch this space for the announce of the stable release.
faithfully yours,

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