Rmacro - a macro utility like the one of Common Lisp for Ruby

This utility includes ‘gensym, macro_expand, bq(backquote of Lisp), c
(comma of Lisp), …’.

You can require a file which use macros by ‘require_with_macro
(required_name, delete_expanded_file, *macro_objs)’

I made this about three months ago. At that time, I thought I should
make the manual and the better examples of macro use like monads than
this trivial control structures before the release. Now I realize that
I can’t have enough time to complete this job. So I gave up writing
the manual. Maybe you can see how to use it in comments and unit

You can download it from this address:
http://lisp.tistory.com/attachment/[email protected]

Shamefully, I don’t know how to make a gem. I would appreciate it if
someone could make this as a gem.