Rjs woes, any hints?

I’ve pared my rjs experiment down to what seems a bare minimum. When I
on my link_to_remote, the rjs executes, returns the correct javascript
the browser, but it doesn’t update the div I’ve specified. What appears
be coming back from the controller is:

Element.update(“my_form”, “hello, rjs”);

I’m tearing my hair out. Here’s the code (any help is much appreciated):


def new

page.replace_html ‘my_form’, ‘hello, rjs’


<%= link_to_remote('+', :url => {:action => 'new'}) %>

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Have you included the appropriate javascript files in the headers of
your layout?

On Saturday, April 22, 2006, at 12:06 PM, s.ross wrote:

[email protected]


I included:

I expect not all of these are necessary, but that’s what I currently

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I’ve pared this back even further and discovered something strange
happens. I
created a new rails app and got rjs working fine. I ported exactly that
functionality back to my main dev tree, ran rake
and the working code from the fresh test app fails in the real app.

I’ve verified that the javascripts are the same release. The XHTML
validates, the CSS validates… Is there any other factor that might
some light on this?

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