RJS templates, Safari 1.3


I’m having a problem getting RJS templates working with Safari 1.3
(latest version available to OS X 10.3 and earlier). I’m using Rails
1.1.4, running on either linux or OS X… same results.

My RJS pages work fine using Safari 2.0, IE and Firefox… just not
Safari 1.3.

The twist is that the following RJS sites work fine in Safari 1.3:


I downloaded the Blackjax demo and ran it locally, it worked fine with
Safari 1.3. One thing that is different is that it uses the plugin for
RJS, while my RJS pages are just using whatever comes with Rails 1.1.4.

Has anyone else run in to this issue with Rails 1.1? Any tips on where
to start debugging the problem so I can help patch any potential bugs?