RJS template eating encoding


I was previously doing an update via .rhtml templates creating an AJAX
:evaluate_remote_response. I use UTF-8 in my pages, and my app
requires that I be able to, say, put Japanese characters in.

The problem is that when I switched this over to an RJS template it
started eating the encoding. I now get garbage characters where before
I got the correct ones.

The code for the RHTML:

<%= update_element_function(
“front”, :content => simple_format( h(@card.front_side))) %>
<%= update_element_function(
“back”, :content => simple_format( h(@card.back_side))) %>

and for RJS:

page.replace_html ‘front’, simple_format( h( @card.front_side ) )
page.replace_html ‘back’, simple_format( h( @card.back_side ) )

If I go to the action manually and check, in the RHTML version it has
the correct characters; in the RJS version it has the \312\342 escape

Any way to turn off the escaping?



I want to launch a rails application from a regular .html page. It
works just fine with apache on my web host provider’s server but I
can’t seem to figure out how to get the index.html to show up while
I’m running lighttpd and using http://localhost:3000/welcome.html/

Seems like a dumb question, but any help would be appreciated.



http://localhost:3000/welcome.html/ points to a directory called

I guess I am unclear on what you mean by “Launch a rails application
from a regular .html page”

~ Ben

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Ben R.



What is mean is my ordinary everyday .html file has a form with a
submit button and on the submit button is the url for a rails
controller. If the user clicks the button, the rails controller
evaluates values from the post and redirects him/her to the right
page within the app. If the user never clicks the button, the rails
app is never launched. Is that more clear?