RJS inside an iframe?

Is this possible? I might be able to see a problem with it updating
something on the page but what about just storing a value in the
database and not updating anything?

I tried the following in the iframe:

<% call = remote_function(:url => {:action => ‘update_pic’, :only_path
=> false, :id => (x-2)}) %>

Click me

Everything is loaded correctly but nothing happens when I click… is
this impossible? All update_pic does is take the id and store it in the
database and then it is suppose to set a boarder on the clicked object.
I see why the boarder might not work but why wouldnt the value get
stored in the database?

I know the code works because I had it working before placing it in the

Thanks in advance

Nothing like answering your own question. I looked for a while before I
posted this but I found a suggestion of using an overflow:auto div which
solves my problem and removes the iframe - perfect