RJS from .rjs stopped working, inline :update still works

I’ve found this problem reported on several forums but have not seen a
solution. A couple days ago all my RJS mysteriously stopped working. I
can see the server return the appropriate code in firebug and when I
cut & paste the code into firebug console it works just fine. So it
seems like the browser simply stopped evaling the javascript that is

The interesting thing is that using render :update {|page| } inline
rjs syntax works just fine with exactly the same javascript. I tried
simplifying it to the basics (using a simple alert) and nothing works.

Has anyone experienced the same issue?

Yan Pritzker
http://planyp.us - the wiki for your social life

By the way, the following works:

rjs = render_to_string :action => 'my_action'
render :update do |page|

So basically rendering the .rjs file to a string and then manually
doing an inline rjs update works, but this fails:

render :action => ‘my_action’

where my_action.rjs does stuff…