RJS calls being ignored

I have a controller with page.call calls to my javascript functions.
That normally works just fine. However, on one of our servers the page
calls are being totally ignored. Same code but it works on most but
not on one. It is not a production/development issue as it works on
the 32-bit production server and not on the 64-bit production server.

Everything else works just fine, but the page.call and page.alert
calls just don’t do anything. No javascript errors (javascript is on
and is working), nothing in the log file, nothing. The calls are just


Is there a setting to turn RJS on and off? If so, how?

BTW: Here is the code from the controller:

def showoccupied
@spaces = Space.get_spaces($current_drawing)

render(:update) do |page|
  page.alert('Show Occupied')
  page.call 'ClearAllPanes'
  page.call 'ClickDetailed'
   page.call 'InitLayers'
   page.call 'ClearInternalList'
  page.call 'DefineSpacetypeKey'
  @spaces.each {|space|
              RAILS_DEFAULT_LOGGER.info space.unq_space_id
  if (space.occup_type_cd == "OCC")
    page.call 'AddToInternalListRgb', space.unq_space_id, 0, 255, 0
  elsif (space.occup_type_cd == "VNCT")
    page.call 'AddToInternalListRgb', space.unq_space_id, 255, 0, 0
  elsif (space.occup_type_cd == "NAPP")
    page.call 'AddToInternalListRgb', space.unq_space_id, 255, 255, 

elsif (space.occup_type_cd == “DEFT”)
page.call ‘AddToInternalListRgb’, space.unq_space_id, 0, 255,
page.call ‘AddToInternalListRgb’, space.unq_space_id, 255, 0,
page.call ‘HighlightInternalList’, -1

The expected output is made to the logger, so I know the entire
process is run to completion, but none of the page calls do anything
on this server.