RJS and Nokia N800


I need to make sure that an application I’ve built with Ruby on Rails
works properly in a Nokia N800. Everything goes well until I hit an
action whose response is RJS where, even if the request gets to the
server, it is correctly processed, and ends with a “Rendering
mycontroller/myaction.rjs”, nothing seems to happen on screen.

I checked Flickr’s website (my favourite site regarding use of Ajax)
with this browser (some type of Opera, as far as I know) and
everything works smoothly, so it’s not that Ajax or DOM manipulation
does not work on this device.

I also checked my application with Safari, Firefox, Opera and IE in my
Desktop, and everything works aswell. This is why I think it must be
some issue with RJS and Opera.

Anybody has experienced something like this? Any suggestions on what
to do?

Thank you!


Hi Esti,

A new (official) Mozilla-based browser for the N800 was released to
developers a few days ago: http://browser.garage.maemo.org/ with full
Ajax support.

Won’t necessarily solve your issue, but at least you may be able
isolate it as an Opera browser-specific issue on the N800.


Hi Rob!

Thanks for the quick response!

I actually tried it already with this Mozilla-based browser, I forgot
to mention it in my message. The good news is that it does work with
this browser, so I can be fairly certain that the issue is Opera
browser-specific :slight_smile: The bad news is that this Mozilla-based browser
is still beta and looks not as good as the other one, and I’d really
like my app to be browser independent.

Thanks for the help!